At, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape of online meetings.
We specialize in developing innovative applications that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of virtual collaboration.

Our Mission

Improve the productivity of virtual meeting platforms by providing them with {reliable, easy to use, clear} tools to improve meeting effectiveness, collaboration, while minimizing context switches.

We’ve been in a lot of bad meetings. We know you have, too—and we're committed to changing that. We want every team to be excited about accomplishing things together. It starts with meetings because done right, they're the conversations at the heart of accomplishing things. And, they're central to the relationships that make teams powerful.

Our Values

Invest in People: Our most important asset is our team, and our strategic success and resilience depend on its strength.

Strength in Diversity: A diverse, inclusive team makes us strong—if we not only hire for it but empower it. That’s supported by data, and it’s axiomatic for us—self-evident.

Act Like You Run the Place: Your first responsibility is to the company. Keep that in mind, then take your autonomy and run with it.