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Privacy-first Meeting Platform

Transform your meetings with MeetWise

Privacy-first, Secure Meeting Platform

MeetWise offers privacy & enterprise-grade security features including end-to-end encryption, compliance with global data privacy regulations, and robust access control mechanisms.

MeetWise.AI ensures that your meetings' insights stay within your control, with stringent data encryption and user-governed data policies.

Keep your conversations secure

Data residency control

You decide where your data resides, adhering to local compliance and data protection regulations, ensuring you’re always in control.

Privacy by design

From the ground up, every feature is crafted with data privacy as a cornerstone, ensuring your interactions are protected at every juncture.

Ensuring adherence to global data protection and compliance standards

Global compliance

Advanced Note-taking and Meeting Recaps

With MeetWise.AI, you no longer need to divide your attention between the meeting and note-taking. Our AI Virtual Assistant takes care of the notes, allowing you to fully engage in the conversation. Plus, sharing and collaboration on notes are just a click away.

Intelligent Meeting Notes

Automatically capture and categorize crucial points, action items, and follow-up tasks during meetings.

Automatic Audio Indexing

Navigating through recorded meetings is a breeze with our automatic audio indexing feature. Jump straight to the parts of the meeting you need without having to skim through the entire video.

Meeting Summary & Insights

Receive instant meeting recaps highlighting key points, participant contributions, and a meeting effectiveness score with improvement tips.

Custom Insights

Customize and add your own Insights based on meeting types. Get the specific answers you need automatically generated for all of your meetings.

Comprehensive Meeting Analytics

Dive deep into meeting data, analyzing trends, participant engagement, and recurring themes to continuously enhance meeting productivity.

Built-in CALENDAR Insights

Go beyond transcription with our conversation analytics. Understand talk time distribution, identify key discussion topics, analyze sentiment, and more. Transform your meetings from conversations into actionable insights.

Smart Calendar Insights

AI-driven analytics that scrutinizes your calendar to optimize your schedule, avoiding meeting clashing and ensuring adequate focus and break times.

Behavioral Insights

Understand communication and collaboration patterns within your team, providing insights for enhancing interpersonal dynamics and cohesiveness.

Intelligent Recommendations

Rule and AI-based recommendations for your calendar health to optimize your availability and energy levels, ensuring maximum participation and engagement.

Weekly Summary

Summarizes your work week based on all your past meetings for specific topics, decisions, or insights, ensuring you never lose track of crucial information.

MeetWise 360 Score & ACTIONABLE recommendations

Get a meeting effectiveness score based on participation, engagement, and goal attainment, and receive actionable insights to improve future meetings, along with objective ratings and personalized tips for enhancing your meeting organization skills.

MeetWise 360 Score

Get a meeting effectiveness score based on participation, engagement, and goal attainment, providing actionable insights to enhance future interactions.

AI-Powered Meeting Feedback

After the meeting, get an objective rating with positive highlights and improvement areas for the meetings you organized based on your unique meeting habits.

Meeting Recommendations

After your meetings, get specific tips and recommendations for improving effectiveness and engagement for your future meetings.

Multilingual by design

Break down language barriers with MeetWise.AI. With the ability to understand and transcribe over 100 languages, our service makes communication seamless and inclusive.

Intelligent Meeting Notes in your primary language

Automatically capture and categorize crucial points, action items, and follow-up tasks during meetings in the primary language of the meeting.

Inclusive Collaborations

With multilingual support and intelligent note-taking, it ensures every voice is heard and documented, fostering an inclusive meeting environment.

Seamless Integrations

MeetWise.AI integrates smoothly with your preferred meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more. Keep working in your familiar environment without any disruptions.

Plug and Play

Integrate MeetWise.AI with your existing tech stack, including popular meeting platforms and CRM systems via Zapier.

API for Custom IntegrationS

Leverage our robust API to create custom integrations and workflows to cater to your unique organizational needs.

Seamlessly integrated with your existing collaboration tools


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