Transform Your Sales Calls with AI


Leverage the power of AI with to enhance your sales performance. Get AI-powered recaps, real-time suggestions during calls, and actionable insights to close deals effectively.

Leverage the power of AI

Real-Time Suggestions
While other platforms provide post-call analysis and insights,'s real-time suggestions during calls can provide immediate value and help steer conversations effectively.

Seamless CRM Integration's seamless integration with popular CRM systems ensures that all call data is easily accessible and actionable, saving time and reducing errors from manual data entry.

Follow-Up Features's focus on follow-up activities, such as sending recap emails and scheduling follow-up calls, helps sales reps stay on top of their tasks and ensures no opportunity is missed.

Define what can be accomplished offline
The clean, intuitive user interface of makes it easy to navigate and use, reducing the learning curve for new users.

Maximize the focus time by picking the optimum time slot
Pick the best time & duration for your meetings to minimize the impact on your team's focus times. Set the right meeting length for this meeting

Enhance your sales performance

Visibility and insight into sales teams' efficiency

Team Performance Analytics can provide comprehensive analytics about the performance of the entire sales team. This could include metrics like call duration, number of calls made, conversion rates, common themes or topics discussed, and more. This visibility can help sales executives identify top performers, understand which tactics are working, and where there might be room for improvement.

Individual Performance Insights
Sales executives can also drill down into the performance of individual sales reps. This could help in coaching and personal development, as well as in making decisions about promotions or resource allocation.

Real-Time Monitoring
The real-time suggestions provided by could also be used by sales executives to monitor calls in real time. This can provide immediate insights into how sales reps are performing and interacting with customers.

Follow-Up Tracking
By automating follow-up activities, ensures that no potential sales opportunities are missed. Sales executives can track these follow-up activities to ensure that sales reps are taking the necessary steps after each call.

Integration with CRM
By integrating with the company's CRM system, can provide sales executives with a centralized place to view all sales call data. This can simplify reporting and make it easier to track the team's progress against sales targets.

Time Efficiency
By automating tasks such as note-taking and CRM updating, allows sales reps to spend more time on high-value activities, such as building relationships with customers and closing deals. This increased efficiency can lead to better results for the sales team as a whole.

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